Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with the old! In with the new....

The end of the year is probably my favorite part of my life.  Such a clean slate for all of us to start and for me, so many ideas swirling around my brain.

2015 wasn't my best year (was depressed for most of it) and in 2016 I get to say hello to my 40s!

I'm going to be goal oriented this year.  I'm using a planner ( and wrapping up projects (for other people) that have been ongoing for years.  I am going to make better use of my time and do what makes me happy.  Mostly stop procrastinating and not doing the things I want to because I might have to do them alone. :)  I need to be my number one motivator.

I'm also doing Ali Edwards' One Little Word.  I'm not necessarily taking her course, but will be choosing my own one little word for 2016 and will blog about it here..  Right now I'm having trouble narrowing down my word list.  I'm probably putting too much pressure on the word.

I'm also going to be challenging myself to do CY365 ( and will post my photos here.  If anyone reads this and wants a pic of something specific, please request it here or drop me an email @

I usually struggle with completing this task (have attempted more than once), but am putting it high on my priority list.  It's happening.  I'm just saying that as reinforcement to myself.

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