Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with the old! In with the new....

The end of the year is probably my favorite part of my life.  Such a clean slate for all of us to start and for me, so many ideas swirling around my brain.

2015 wasn't my best year (was depressed for most of it) and in 2016 I get to say hello to my 40s!

I'm going to be goal oriented this year.  I'm using a planner ( and wrapping up projects (for other people) that have been ongoing for years.  I am going to make better use of my time and do what makes me happy.  Mostly stop procrastinating and not doing the things I want to because I might have to do them alone. :)  I need to be my number one motivator.

I'm also doing Ali Edwards' One Little Word.  I'm not necessarily taking her course, but will be choosing my own one little word for 2016 and will blog about it here..  Right now I'm having trouble narrowing down my word list.  I'm probably putting too much pressure on the word.

I'm also going to be challenging myself to do CY365 ( and will post my photos here.  If anyone reads this and wants a pic of something specific, please request it here or drop me an email @

I usually struggle with completing this task (have attempted more than once), but am putting it high on my priority list.  It's happening.  I'm just saying that as reinforcement to myself.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hi Reader(s).
How does time pass so quickly?
It is December 2015?!  really??!!

Been working a new job in addition to my old job.

I love the new job, but feel like I just work and sleep and eat!  :)

I sometimes make cards and scrapbook pages... but time is scarce so not much crafty stuff going on!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back to business of blogging.

I've been busy creating in my tiny blogging hiatus.  I didn't get any of my projects finished, unfortunately, but I did start a scrapbook for myself of my own photos and memories.  I've been watching Jen Gallacher videos for the past few months.  I have no clue where she's been all my life ( ) but she's helped me to fall back in love with scrapbooking and taught me to use all the fantastic supplies I've spent the last 15 years purchasing!

I still love making cards, but think scrapbooking will always be my first love.  I love both equally, to be honest.

some of my latest projects (some are older and from last year):

Friday, July 17, 2015

Card hiatus (temporarily!)

Just posting a quick note.
Might be taking a short break from creating cards.  Just until I finish some of my scrapbook jobs that have been here for many many years!

Gotta get them out the door so I can  concentrate on cards and other projects.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wow! Did I really not blog in June? At all?!

So much for trying to be consistent with this.  So I have no real excuse except a friend asked me to participate in her trunk show Jul 11 and I needed to make cards for it and when I'm not working I've just been making cards.

:)  That's always my excuse for not consistently blogging.  Oh well.

I started an instagram for my cards and I have my regular instagram.  That should have been a fantastic idea, but has actually created a lot more work for.  :)  One will suffer, I have no doubt about it.

There are some underlying family issues with me these days and I'm not going to get into them, but they are bothering me.

For about the past few months I've noticed two things: I'm depressed and don't want to go do anything.  There are a hundred reasons for this and I really am working on it, but it isn't easy.  I don't have a supportive, cheer-leading family and friends structure (I know, I know everyone says I have to be my own supportive, cheer-leader, but I am clearly not being very successful in that department).  As a way to get myself out of the house doing things I know I like to do, last month I joined a couple meetup groups and found some crafty people and some photography people.  They have been good for getting me out of the house.  I haven't made too many connections with people, but I did find a friend in a stamp class.  Also, I have been meeting in a scrapbooking group regularly once a month.

I also know that I should see a therapist... but haven't made finding one a priority.  They are rarely covered on insurance.

2015 has been a rough year for me so far.  I am thankful it is half over.  I am already over it.  I regularly contemplate running away and fantasizing what it would be like to start over where I know nothing and no one.

Creating is the one thing that makes me happy.  I read this quote the other day (CHA facebook page):

It takes me a long time to create.  I contemplate, move things around and just take my time letting things happen the way they should.  When I hurry, I inevitably don't enjoy the finished product as much as when I let it happen in a slow, natural way.

As I create a sense of completeness washes over me.  It's my happy time, my thinking time and my "me" time.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dads & Grads

Well, the delay in me posting doesn't mean I haven't been creating!

I'm still working on my dad's scrapbook.
Everyone started asking for graduation and father's day cards.  
So I've been creating, hustling make-up (my other side job) and exploring new ideas to add to my etsy shop!

A few father's day and graduation cards up in the etsy shop.  I will take very few custom orders as I love creating them, but know the time commitment they take and these days I have less time to create.


An interesting thing about father's day... I have never had mother's day cards leftover.  NOT one, but every year I have a ton of father's day cards.  I am not sure if this means anything, but I always find it interesting.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Anniversary of Mt. St. Helens Erupting 5/18/1980

Today is the 35th anniversary of Mt. St. Helens erupting.

The news reported that 57 people died in the eruption, which seems kinda high to me, but what do I know?

I happened to be up in the mountains yesterday and took that shot of the mountain hiding in the clouds.

Mother's Day passed and I finished making cards at the last minute... again.... I really need to plan better.